Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The First Adventure - Part I

Listen! Our tale begins in the town of Oakhaven, a small hamlet on the plains,
There stands an inn where weary travelers rest their weary limbs.
A group of four spring up, bonded by the code of wanderers
And a need for funds - their own life-trails weigh heavy on their minds.
By luck they find honest toil, tracking cattle for a land-worker.
But our band spots something strange next to the marks of the sturdy cows -
Goblins! Four foul creatures of filth!
Their tracks coexist with the cows' and lead to a yawning cave,
But our band fears not! They push in, treading softly so as not
To alert any foul creatures of their presence. The door is open,
Solid Stoegaard enters first, but he is unable to secure the safety
Of the rest of his party. The goblins are caught unaware, too enthralled
By their asinine amusements to be aware of the band's actions.
Little Garnet wreaks much havoc as a great beast of the plains,
And sly Z's shurikan flies true by power of the rogue's grace.
Soon the two soldiers are taken out, but the wizard still holds power!
Stinging hexes startle our heroes and waylay their efforts; dismayed
By the damage, their mighty attacks tremble under the wizards awesome power.
Yet after many crushing blows, the wizard is defeated! Their quest is complete.
Greatly awarded for their efforts, the heroes rest in safety, waiting
Until the new dawn to start out again.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hwaet! The grand adventures will begin next weekend...